Plus two Science and Management

Oxford Higher Secondary School (OHSS) is one of the wings of the ISO 9001:2008 Certified Oxford College of Engineering and Management, Gaindakot, which always takes technical and quality education as the backbone of this era. With this perspective OHSS is providing different kinds of programs giving a number of elective (choice) subjects which are more practical oriented for the students to address the recent needs of the changing society in terms of the technical and professional achievement. The motto of OHSS is to provide quality education to uplift the educational standard by creating good academic environment of the college. That's why we request all those concerned to visit once before taking any decision in higher education.

Potential Intake:

Students having completed SLC or any equivalent examination with at least second division in any discipline from any institution recognized by the SLC Board of Nepal are eligible to apply.

Academic Schedule:

The students of class 11 have to say in the college for 2 academic years according to Higher Secondary Education Council's schedule which starts just after the SLC results every year.

Scholarship Scheme:

OHSS has allocated some, merit scholarships as well as scholarships for the poor, the honest/intelligent, the disabled and the underprivileged students. Special schemes are there for the sake of such girls mention above.

OHSS Programs

OHHS presently offers different program in Science and Management

  1. Pure Science (BIO-Science)
  2. Pure Computer Science
  3. Management with Computer Science
  4. Hotel Management with Computer Science