Important Notice Regarding Rechecking/Re-totaling (Bachelor Level)


Hereby all the students of BBA, BCA and BE (Ele & Elx) are notified to fill up the rechecking and re-totaling form, by following the process given below before 8th May 2021:

Processes before 8th May 2021:

1. Download the form  from Here,

2. Then fill-up the form

3. Attach the ConnectIps payment receipt/ Bank Voucher.

4. Submit the current result and highlight the subjects you want to recheck or re-total.

5. Finally make a PDF including all of the necessary documents, and send it into this e-mail-

Note: If you have any corrections in a result like Withheld, Absent, Missing, etc. please mention your problems in the above e-mail address.