Gaindakot-2 Nawalpur, Nepal

TikTok Video Competition - on the occasion of OCEM Fresher's Party.


Students who want to participate will enter a video of their creation through the app. Contestants will create a TikTok video, and submit through the #oxfordcollegenepal, #OCEMfresher2021


To be eligible to enter this Contest, 

  1. An individual must be a bachelor-level student of the Oxford College of Engineering and Management.
  2. An individual should follow the official TikTok account of the college (@oxfordcollegenepel).
  3. An individual should have a TikTok account with their original name.  

Contest Period:

The Contest entry period will start on November 20, 2021 at 11:00 AM and end on November 24, 2021 at 11:59 PM. All videos must be submitted during the Contest Period to be eligible to be a winner. 

How to enter?

To enter the contest, 

  1. Post the original video to your account showing your college spirit for the OCEM. 
  2. Include the hashtag #oxfordcollegenepal , #proudtobeoxfordians and mention college account in the caption of your video.

What are the rules for the videos?

  1. Must be “Education for Growth” themed 
  2. Video length must be 15-60 seconds 
  3. Appropriate sound (music, original, etc.) 
    • No profanity 
    • No inappropriate language
    • No inappropriate gestures
    • Appropriate clothing

How will your video be judged?

  1. Popularity (40%)
  2. Originality/Theme (20%)
  3. Transitions/effects/video skill (20%)
  4. Following all guidelines (20%)


You will be awarded with a beautiful gift hampers during the Fresher’s Party Event.