Gaindakot-2 Nawalpur, Nepal


In the year 2000 AD, a new vision has introduced by a group of academic intellectual and IT experts to address the real needs and demands of the society as well as of the nation, which materialized in the establishment of a pioneer academic institution by the name of Oxford College of Engineering and Management (OCEM) and Oxford Secondary School (OSS) at Gaindakot, nearby Narayangarh city in the central part of Nepal.


The vision of the college is to be the foremost among the business, management, science engineering & technical colleges in the competitive world.


The college is committed to :

  • Provide a world class education for our student.
  • Provide real life environment during the pursuit of the course.
  • Encourage lifelong learning through the extension education.
  • Award scholarships on various counts that address social issues.
  • Produce nationally committed, internationally capable, professionally effective, efficient and morally sound technical manpower.


The college is committed to achieve the following objectives in a time & budget bounded frame.

  • To provide opportunities for higher education to the national & international people.
  • To implement modern mean of tools & technique in teaching & learning environment.
  • To increase social awarness program each year by providing need-based education.
  • To conduct at least two research programs each year by R&D section in the field of management , informartion technology,  engineering, socio-economic, science and education sector by involving the concerned depatments and faculties. 
  • To provide multinational standard laboratory.
  • To provide morally approved, socailly progressive, economically viable and culturally broad-based educational skills.